Going Spartan

A few days ago I had the Spartan race show up under my suggested pages on instagram. I followed them and checked out all the photos on their page.


I had heard and seen things before about obstacle races, mostly the tough mudder. After researching it a bit, I started to think about wanting to run one. The closest race to me this year is in Palmerton, PA on July 15th.

Now, most of the guys that I work with are pretty active and outdoorsy. After mentioning it to some of them, two said that they are absolutely interested in running it with me and are going to be signing up and another two are maybes. I’m excited to be able to have a team to run something like this with.

Our department number at our company is 113, and we have a bit of a rally cry between ourselves – “113 for Life”, so that is the team name that I decided we’re going to roll with. I’m hoping that we can get some T-Shirts made up for the occasion too.

Now, the biggest challenge is going to be getting myself physically ready for this. The race is 3-5 miles long, with over 15 different obstacles that must be completed. If you’re unable to compete an obstacle, you must pay a penalty of 30 burpees before being allowed to proceed. Looks like I’m going to have to incorporate some more H.I.I.T. training into my routine. I’ve been trying to do it two days a week after lifting, but maybe I’ll have to up it to 3 or 4. I should probably also go find someplace that I can work on my climbing abilities and strengthen up my hands, arms, and back for those types of obstacles.

On a semi related note, I was able to pick up a couple of large tractor tires over the past couple of days to use as part of some strong man training. I got a smaller one Friday night after I posted on Craigslist that I was looking for one. I was able to get another, larger tire, yesterday while I was up visiting my grandparents in Pennsylvania farm country. I knew for sure that sniffing around up there would turn up something. I’m going to use some time today to work out with them a bit. I’m also going to get myself a sledgehammer so that I can cook up some tractor tire super sets and really give my body a workout.

If you’re ever looking for a really cheap piece of fitness equipment, look into finding a tractor tire. You can probably find some for free, like myself, and once you have one you can get full body workouts in with a few simple movements. When I was in AIT with the Army we conducted daily PT using tractor tires on a number of occasions. They really are a fantastic tool.

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