First Post

I’ve had a couple blogs in the past. First posts are always stupid. This one isn’t going to be any different.

If you want to learn more about this blog, check out the “About” page. Simple as that.

This is a fitness blog. I’m no expert, and I don’t play one on TV either. I’m just an average joe.

I’ll share my findings, and I might even write them as advice, but don’t look at me as some wizard – cause I’m not. If you injure yourself following something I might say in the future then that is your own dumb fault, and I assume no liability.

Now that I’ve said my peace – please know that I’m not really an asshole – I just try to be more to the point. It’s just easier that way.

Now, the name of this blog and my instagram is Rakk Fitness. You might be thinking “What is Rakk?”. It’s nothing – I just thought it sounded cool – and was already taken.

I may decide to later on get more into advice giving and providing workout plans – but for now, I’m just a novice. This blog, for now, is meant to be a tool for me – not you, and not anyone else.

Also, my unofficial motto right now is “Here’s to one more rep.”  I can’t decide if it’s cool or if it’s dumb. If there is anyone out there that actually reads all of this – let me know what you think.

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